Antenna Information at OZ9QV

Here we will find information on antennas, both what I use, and a lot of other information, especially when I need the info ;) You will find links becoming active when pages are created..


1.3GHz    2.4GHz    3.4GHz    5.7GHz    10GHz    24GHz    Higher


40MHz    50MHz    60MHz    70MHz    144MHz    432MHz    Multiband   

Vertical    Horizontal   Omni


3.5MHz    5.3MHz    7MHz    10MHz    14MHz    18MHz    21MHz

24MHz    27MHz    28MHz

Single Band    Multiband    Verticals    Quad Loops    Horizontal Omni   

Horizontal Directional    E-Probes    Loop Antennas    QRP


Verticals    Active Loops    Passive Loops    E-probes   

Wire Antennas    Earth Probes  

ULF and lower:   

Active Loops    E-probes    Earth Probes   

Receive Antennas:   

E-probes    Loop Antennas    Earth Probes    Small Single Band Magloops

Updated: OZ9QV, 2019-07-20