Station description OZ9QV

Station description.

Current main bands TRXs and antennas:


1.8 - 10MHz: Home made 15m vertical with "radials" of 5m and 25m.

14 - 30MHz: R6000 vertical.

3.5-7-14-21-28MHz low hanging dipole


Antenna: 10/11m half wave vertical vertical

TRX: IC-703, modified for RX output/input. can get a signal to more receivers ( distribution amplifier needed).

RX2: FRG-100, running 28074 FT8


Antenna: 1/2 wave vertical

TRX: IC-7600 often running FT8, but is definitely sometimes used for other modes.

Ant2: 6m part of the 3-band V-2000 (Diamond)

TRX2: extra TRX


Ant: 4m 1/2 wave vertical

TRX: IC-7100 for all

2m DX:

Ant: Big Wheel/Clover leaf antenna

TRX: The IC-7100 or an older IC-820and max 1kW amp (Max for antenna: 4-500W)

2m/70cm local FM:

Ant: The tri-band V-2000 and a smaller low hanging 2m/70cm vertical


3cm (yes, 10GHz):

Receive station for the QO100 geostationary satellite:

PLL TV-sat LNB modified for better frequency stability with a 60cm offset dish antenna, followed by an SSB capable scanning radio on 739MHz.

10GHz receive experiment:

Unmodified LNB just below my V-2000 vertical. No dish ! Still I can hear a beacon 36km away.

More to come later ...

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